Whirl Wind

Posting long enough to say: Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’d make this longer but it’s 7:15 on a Wednesday morning and I have to be to work in 30 minutes to open the branch on what is usually my day off. It’s ok though, I’ll be off work right about the time I normally get there so it’s as if I was never there.  Except for the whole being out of bed at 6:30.  Which is honestly ok too.

My to-do list for today included such other treasures as:

  • Calling my favorite preschool option and setting up a time to stop in. Hopefully for tomorrow.
  • Talking to my mortgage guy at my branch and seeing about a pre-approval.
  • Interviewing with my current boss for a promotion of full-time. Finding a chance for this interview has been fun. At no time could the teller line spare us both for an hour. We decided after hours was our best bet.  If anyone in Columbus wants a bank teller job…

In better spirits about my site.  Some of you may have seen the post that went live Monday that I took down Tuesday.  There are some issues with this place, but they are being figured out and fixed and I feel more optimistic.  In fact, go check me out in IE.

Alright, off I go!

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