Spam Sandwich!

Good lord the spam!

I didn’t have to sift through hundreds of spam comments a day on blogger.  Not at all.  I had the capture up, and done.  Here, even with the capture and another plug-in, in place I have tons of spam hitting my spam folder for comments here.

Ignore them?  Yes, except all my non-spam comments are hitting there as well!  So I have to sift through them to un-spam and then approve the real comments.  And sometimes it’s really freakin hard to tell what’s spam and what isn’t.  I had a wonderful comment that I took to heart and was like YAY!  Then 50 comments later it was repeated almost word for word, only from a different IP, email addy, and user name.  SPAM.

If you are making comments I’m not approving, I apologize.  I really do.  I check for comments daily to approve them and just today realized for-real comments were being sent to spam.  So I’m sifting through those as well.  The plug-in I have installed is suppose to “learn” so with time and practice, hopefully it will work better.

If any of you on WordPress know the less spam trick, let me know.  Is the a specific setting?  I specific plug-in?  What is the magic?  I didn’t have to deal with this horseshit on blogger!

But blogger ate widgets and code.  Code that took me hours to figure out and write.  So WordPress is still wining the contest of OMG blogging platforms suck.

Also.  Since I’m blogging about blogging.  This site straight up looks like horseshit on Explorer.  This isn’t some simple code fix.  The problem is your browser.  Everyone knows Explorer sucks, except you.  And my father.  Neither here, no there.  So really you have two options.  1) put on your big boy pants and use Firefox or Chrome, among others.  2) Ignore the layout and stay for the content if you insist on using Explorer.

I spent hours trying to fix the IE issue on Saturday.  I went through 33 themes trying to find one that would accommodate what I need, work in IE and not look like total crap.  I cried.  I ignored my children.  I decided that it just wasn’t going to happen and I much prefer my stress relief remain unstressful.

Sorry.  But IE sucks.

3 thoughts on “Spam Sandwich!

  1. I agree IE does suck! I’ve been using Firefox for years. I was using Chrome a lot last year, but I kept coming across websites that didn’t support Chrome so their pages wouldn’t load or work properly.

    I only code my blog layout to work in Firefox & Chrome. Last time I checked, it mostly looked correct in IE except for a few small things.

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