I’ve Been Naughty

Or rather, I’ve created myself a blogging distraction.

OCD Ollie is my new playground.

An explanation of the new space, directly from the site:

No, my name isn’t really Ollie. But OCD Ollie had a nice ring to it. My real name is Karen. See? OCD Karen just doesn’t have the ring. Am I really OCD? Well, it isn’t “officially” on my chart, but… I’m just OCD enough to be really organized, but not so much that it disrupts my life. For the most part. We all have our quirks. (Ask me someday about my alarm clock and the power of three. But, it’s never not gone off!) Either way, its long past time I share some tips with the rest of the world. Take what you like, ignore the rest.

Your Expectations For This Space
This little blog of mine is a pet project for when my rather large blog and life is driving me crazy. How often will I update? When inspiration hits. This is my playground. My main blog and career are my work. All work and no play… But the work load is intense. So I’ll see you around!

I’m still building, but I’m mostly just playing As I said, it’s a distraction.  With my plate full to overflow, someplace I can just be silly, not care, and not have set expectations is nice.

Also, yes it’s on blogger.  With it being as simple and not serious as I intend it to be, blogger is the perfect format.  It’s easier.  And, there won’t be any custom coding for blogger to eat.

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