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Part of me wants to go through a full series of DBT.  Not because I’m in crisis mode, but because I think a skills refresher will help me cope with and respond to the boys’ behavior better.  Things remaining as they are could throw me into crisis mode.  Easily.

Most of me knows that finding a DBT class that fits to my work schedule, especially if I pick up full-time status, won’t be easy.

So while I am going to make some phone calls to see what all my local options are, I’m going to self DBT as well.

I figure I have been through the class enough times that I do know it fairly well.  In in my current rational mind, I should be able to go through each lesson on my own and brush up.  That is basically what this is.  I’ve taken the classes, now I just need to review my notes for the big test this week, so-to-speak.

I figure, while I’m at it, and to keep me on task, I will finish a task I started forever ago.  At one point I was reviewing and semi-teaching each class here on my blog, one blog post at a time as I went through DBT in the real world.  And I never finished it.  Life was crazy, I was a mess, and I didn’t have the oomph to follow through.  So, I should get on that.  It’s well overdue.

I think I’m going to instill DBT Tuesday for awhile.  I’ll go back and view the old posts and either pick up where I left up, or redo them.  Probably redo.  Since this is just as much for me, as it is for you, it won’t kill me to do this right by starting from lesson one.

So if all goes as planned, you can expect your first DBT lesson this coming Tuesday.  The nice thing is, since I have mastered scheduling posts in advance, I can write them way ahead even, as time permits, instead of cranking them out on the spot.

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  1. So, I looked up what DBT is but you might want to say briefly how/why it helped you or what it means to you or something to help people who might be interested get more engaged here.

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