Things To Keep In Mind

Alright, as I rebuild this site and configure feeds and such you need to keep one thing in mind:  My old feed address?  Yeah, it doesn’t work.  Sorry.  So some of you, depending on how you want about subscribing to this here blog, are going to have to resub.

There is a lovely little gadget up at the top that if you click it, you can add my feed to a reader.  The gadget is orange.  It’s under a bunch of buttons.  I’m pointing out the obvious to many of you.  Because it took me a freakin long ass time to code all that shit.  Twice.  5 times if you count over on blogger.  Go love on my buttons dammit!  (And let me know if something does not work.)


Back to building.

And preying this post right here, this one, goes to my Facebook page wall and my twitter stream.  Because if it doesn’t, I have to figure out what the hell I did wrong.  And I have no clue what the hell that is.  Not going to lie.  No clue.  So hopefully this works.  That shit is the not so fun part of building a site.

And that orange button?  Go ahead and click it!

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