Swear It Isn’t Pottermore

1504240-0908061843491potionYeah, I got to where I had to brew my first potion.  I might as well be Longbottom.

So that isn’t the reason I’m not blogging.

I do have a post brewing.  An important one that’s on my mind, but a conversation needs to happen first.  A conversation that is happening Monday.  Meanwhile, this is also the first week of the month and I’m working extra hours.  And I’m reading a book series.  Read it before but if y’all don’t know how I am with book, then you can get off my damn lawn!  Basically, it’s a paper book I’ve read before I can’t put down.  Not an electronic one.

Will probably try Pottermore again later.  But I’m going to have to figure out how to get past at least the first potion.  Might ask the 8yo to help.  You laugh, but you laugh as you nod in understanding.

Also, as I was proof reading, I JUST saw what I did there going from talking about potions to saying I have a post brewing.  We’re going to pretend that was planed though.

See what I did up there?  Talking about potions then saying I had a post brewing?  I’m so witty!  *wink*

2 thoughts on “Swear It Isn’t Pottermore

  1. I thought that was deliberate when I read it. In fact, it's so smooth it must have been deliberate, if subconscious.

    So you should totally take credit for it, because if you don't take credit for your subconscious, who will?

    Unless your subconscious objects and wants to start some sort of internal war. That could be awkward. But ask yourself, if your subconscious does not want the credit going to you, to whose name should it go?

    …and that's how I got a minor in philosophy.

  2. You know, it would be awkward and yet so very me.

    And if that's all it takes to get a minor in Philosophy, then I should just be handed one.

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