Smells Good in Here!

I’m attempting baking.  Which, I’ve spent almost 30 years getting burned every dam time I’ve gone near the oven.  So this whole baking thing is a development that scares people.  But, I’ve invested in aloe and some mixes and I’m going in.

I spent the first half of my marriage living with my mom and husband.  My husband can cook, my mom can bake, I never went hungry.

The second half of my marriage was spent living with my dad.  My husband can cook, my dad can bake, I never went hungry.

But, with the up and coming changes in living situation, one of us had to master baking.  Granted, my husband is by no means bad at it, it just isn’t his area.

It took me a while to figure out how exactly that works.  Then it dawned on me: Bakers measure every damn thing.  Cooks laugh at your measuring cups.

I can measure.  I mean, it’s math.  I can do math!  Dammit, I’m going to learn how to bake!

I’ve made 2 cakes, which have turned out interesting.  Um.  Despite a perfectly level oven and baking rack.  Despite perfect placement in the center of the oven.  It never fails that the half of the cake, length wise, closest to the oven door is baked up to the top of the pan, and the other half is about a quarter of an inch high and not so very fluffy.  It’s more crispy.

It boggles minds.  Cakes have been baked in there before and between.  So, it’s me.

The sugar cookies last night were decent.  And I have bought what will be needed to make them perfect.

Tonight’s blueberry cheesecake muffins are still in there.  Someone is listening for my timer, yes?  (Scratch that.  They just came out.  They need to cool while I edit this, but they look and smell divine.)

So far I’m sticking to mixes.  I need to master the basics before I get too creative.  The best way I can admit my inept is that about 3 weeks ago, my husband taught me how to grease a cake pan with butter then coating it with flour.  (I’m sorry mom.  I knew you weren’t done with me before he stole me away.  Thank jeebus he can cook at least, yes?  I’d starve otherwise.)

So.  I’m mastering mixes.  Then maybe later in the year, I’ll get creative with thinking outside the box.  Any fun ideas?  Ignore the whole “diet”.  I’m balancing this crap with lots and lots of fresh veggies.  So we’re good.  Promise.

Alright.  Off to devour some muffins!

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