Professor Positive

Five things to be positive about.  One for each member of my family.  Smallest to tallest.

1. Sammy has learned to hold her own bottle.  And while there are plenty of times I don’t mind having both hands occupied with feeding her, it is rather nice to cradle her in one arm, and do something different with my other while she feeds herself.  Especially since her head, and therefore mouth and bottle, are all over the place while she eats, looking at every little thing.

2. Luke is learning to copy letters.  He may not know all their names or what to do with them, but he is learning to write his letters.  Makes me all the more excited to get him into preschool this coming fall.

3. Thomas, who doesn’t always get along with his brother, has his moments of really appreciating him.  He announces these moments with things such as, “Sometimes, you gotta love that kid.”  This usually follows Luke doing something sweet, funny or brilliant.  I’m just really glad Thomas can see the good qualities Luke has.  Gives me hope for their relationship.

4.  The first edition of the newsletter I’m creating for my boss, her peers, and their bosses goes live soon.  They met at their level and discussed a need for the newsletter but none of them knew how to go about it.  But my Branch Manger figured I’d be able and willing and well, it goes live very, very soon.  It’s monthly.  It’s brilliant.  No one tell them how easy it is.  Well, easy for me anyway.  Not so much for them.

5. Pat has found a hero and mentor in life and I couldn’t be happier or prouder.  He’s seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson as a life and parenting role model.  Everything from helping Luke’s storm fears by safely taking him out into one and teaching him, to attempting tolerance at noise levels because some of the best learning activities aren’t really quiet.  He can stifle Luke turning everything he touches into an instrument, or he can encourage the next Mozart, Yo-Yo Ma, or Ringo Starr.  I can think of far worse role models for a set of parents (I’m following his lead, he is fallowing mine, we are discussing strategy, etc) trying to improve, tweak and fine tune their parenting styles.

What do you have in your life to be positive about right now?  Please share!

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