I’m giving as much advance warning as I can.  With this switch to WordPress, some features that are blogger specific won’t work anymore.  I don’t know if those of you who follow via blogger, will still be following.  So if that is your means of reaching my blog, you might want to be sure you have me book-marked elsewhere.  My URL is not changing.  So if that’s how you have my saved wherever you have me saved, that will still work.

Some of the things you are use to seeing will have to be rebuilt.  Some are blogger specific widgets.  I am going to try for the WordPress equivalent, but we’ll see if that works out.  Some of them I can rebuild once links are shifted over.  I honestly have no idea what will be broken and what will work.  Some things will carry over in a different way.  Don’t know don’t know.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of broken links throughout where I have linked to myself.  Hard links will break.  I’m going to fix those as I can.  I’m getting to the point where there is only so much i can build in advance.  Since I’m sitting on a temp URL anything I build within it is a temp link.  And there is no point in linking up temp links.

So I think I’m getting to where I’m just going to toss everything up and see where it lands.

I will not delete this blog off of blogger until everything is fixed.  I’ll export posts, import to WP.  I’ll switch my domain from pointing to blogger to start pointing to WP.  But everything will remain on blogger, just with the blogger URL, until I push the delete button.  And I won’t do that until I’m content WP is working properly.

So things might get a little weird in the next week or two.  Building is faster than expected.  Probably because I’m not going fancy, at least not yet, and I’ve built this damn site so many times before.  I just have to find my way around wordpress.

It would be awesome if WP would elt me import my blog.  That is the biggest holdup.  But I’ve given my tech guy full access to this blog and he had access to the WP already, so I’m leaving that in his capable hands.  Because it isn’t working for me at all.  Hopefully soon.  But he’s got much on his plate and I don’t even want to be top priority.

One thought on “Head-Up-7-Up

  1. If followers of an old blog want to switch to a new one, they have to elect specifically to follow that blog.

    I love your rules to blog by; they're pretty much the same as mine. No matter how lurid, embarrassing or whatever else a post is, I will not delete or change it. I only ever edit when I see a serious lapse in style or a typo. When I'm out of my head, which nowadays means going mental, not being on drugs because I'm "schizoaffective" (and on drink and methadone) I leave the stream of consciousness as it is. My blog isn't and never has been a showcase of good writing. I'm not willing to spend a week rewriting and analysing each post as some bloggers do.

    I have a friend who has the depressive type of schizoaffective (whereas I'm bipolar type) but also has a borderline personality disorder. Not too long ago she was having constant short stays in the mental hospital. When I found out what had actually triggered these admissions, I found out they had far more to do with her "personality disorder" than her "psychosis"… just as I'd suspected.

    About 3 years ago they kept telling me they thought I might have a personality disorder, but this was just bipolar mood swings self-medicated by heroin. Some people are unbelievably thick. I TOLD them I no longer wanted to go out, mix with people, be bothered with anything much and that this was a marked CHANGE from previous functioning, so it cannot have been a personality disorder. Personality disorders remain pretty constant from late adolescence onwards, whereas I had a gradual decline from late adolescence into a state where I was hearing voices every day, paranoid… and then incoherently manic. By then the professionals conveniently dumped the personality disorder theory. But I never forgot it. I was urged to research the various personality disorders and found the only one I really matched was Borderline… and that was to do with the incessant feelings of emptiness, self harm (which I used to do but don't do now) drugtaking, overvalued and then undervalued friendships… constant mood swings… and the rest.

    By the way, do you truly consider self-harm, drug taking or promiscuous sex to be "impulsive"? To me those things aren't impulsive but habitual. Habitual and impulsive being in many ways complete opposites… have you an opinion on this??

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