Remember back when blogger and G+ made me Furious George and I wanted off Blogger bad but most other options required self hosting which is $$$$$?  Well I asked a friend to take a peek at my site for design purposes.  He is my go-to for this place.  He taught me SEO, which seems to be working.  But as much as those SEO heavy pieces pull people in for that bit, the majority of those people, don’t stick around. (And I humbly thank those of you who do.)  So I asked him to take a peek to see if there was anything I can do design wise to keep people coming back.  While he’s still going to be taking a look at that… he remarked he needs to get me off blogger and onto wordpress.  I agreed but pointed out I can’t afford to host it myself or have someone else.

Oh hey, he hosts for people.  Has all this space paid for that the majority of which isn’t being used.  And he’s be happy to give me the long time friend discount.  Next excuse?

So it seems I’m upgrade the site.  Really, the only thing not changing is the domain name and the posts.  I can import those.

So if I’m not around a whole lot, you now know why.  This is a bit of a project.  To say the least.

And then that project will be followed by, or interrupted by, moving.  No for sure dates there.  I suppose longer update is in order though.  Eventually.  The whole thing gives me a headache.

Anywho.  You will all know when the upgrade is complete.  Nothing will look the same.  lol  And I’m sure I’ll drop a post or two for it.

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