Had a post in the works to go live today.  Started it before work yesterday, was going to finish it after, and then schedule it to drop mid-morning, this morning.

But I am a klutz and on my way out from under a desk to plug in a USB thumb drive, at work, I conked my head on a sharp edge of the underneath.  I let it pass for awhile.  Did confirm I wasn’t bleeding.  But I’m a klutz and I wasn’t worried.  But a few hours passed and I noticed my neck was hurting in a way that isn’t normal for me, and it was decided I should get seen by a doctor just in case.

A half dozen worker’s comp forms, and exam later I’m ok.  My head is tender.  My neck was slightly jarred on impact.  But I am fine.  I’ve done worse.  This one was at work, but whatever.  I have pain meds and have been given a script for a muscle relaxer for my neck.  I’m good.  Back to work as usual.  The only time missed was the time I was at the urgent care.

And the question of missing more?  I have 3 kids at home.  Home, I do believe, is the bigger hazard to my health.  Work is safe.

And bank teller work injuries are hardcore yo!

I’ll schedule the planned post to drop Saturday or something.  It’s a cute one, but it isn’t time sensitive.  Because dude, my head hurts so I’m going to pop some pills and ignore the former plans.

2 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I love the ability to schedule posts. Allows me to load up on weekends. :)

    I'm just as klutzy getting under desks like that. I've learned through the years to be *very* slow and careful when getting out from under.

    Of course, almost everybody in the office (I'm sort of the "go-to" guy when it comes to checking out computers) has their computers underneath their desk. Makes it a pain in the ass.

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