My Good Friend Cal

So now that I’m off all my meds, of all types, and my body is no longer to be inhabited by children, it is time I get serious about losing some pounds.  On the one hand, I no longer have a crutch.  On the other hand, I no longer have stuff making it impossible.  So let’s do this!

I joined My Fitness Pal last Monday.  Which basically means I’m counting calories.  Which I think in the long run is the smart way to go as long as I’m not dumb with it.

If the day is full of veggies and not sweets but I’m a few calories over, oh well.  But it really is delivering the message of portion control.  “Dropping that portion by what does what to my total count?  That’s like 5 bites!  Shit I can do that!”

It also lets me sit and look at, of all the options before me, what is my best bet for a snack.  I was making choices that I thought were healthy and they WERE NOT.  Meanwhile, the entire bag of movie theater butter popcorn is 88 calories.  I also confirmed my thought that investing in raw, natural almonds was smart.  As long as I don’t eat the whole bag.  Note to self: Don’t eat the whole bag.

Then comes the exercise section.  I flat out told the site I don’t plan it.  Thinking that it was talking gym, jogging or lifting weights, etc.  I just don’t have time and energy.  Lazy, fine, but honest.  Also, money.  I would love to swim but no pool and no suit.  I would actually love to weight lift and would find a time even if it meant going at 5AM.  Don’t laugh.  But I don’t have the money.  Bike?  Yep, money.  So I flat out told the site exercise wasn’t happening.  But apparently, a lot of the basic day-to-day shit I do counts.  Fine, lifting Sammy around isn’t a ton of calories burned, but it’s still something.

Then I got to wondering how many calories a person burned during sex.  It lists cooking, cleaning, and basic walking around a store.  But not sex.

So I of course looked it up and input the totals under my own personal exercises.

Which led to this question for Pat (whom I made join the site with me):

Are you going to be mad if I ask you for sex because I want to work a candy bar into my allowed calorie count?

I couldn’t think of a better reason.

See, this is why I married  a fellow fat person!  You understand these things!

And really, that might just be the key to a successful marriage.

And yes, Pat really did join the site with me.  I asked him because I wanted him to be aware of what I was doing and where I was coming from if I said I really just couldn’t eat something or decided such and such wasn’t worth it.  (Let’s be honest I’ll have days where I go way over my count, but it damn well better be worth it.)  But he is actually really into it.  Probably because his daily calorie allowance is like 1000 points higher than mine, and that’s site calculated. (Mine is 1950)

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  1. I've seen people have great success with WW. I jsut can't afford it and don't want to be in public with the process. Other than online.

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