Literary Adventure

So I sat down and started playing Pottermore.  I guess it’s playing anyway.  It’s been called a game.  I, personally, find it more “literary adventure”.  But that’s following years of playing MMORPGs and the such.

Anywho, it’s too early yet to see how obsessed with it I’ll be, but luckily I believe there is a clear and precise end of game.  I mean, right?  But then, games don’t always have an end game.  Anywho, obsession level is unclear.  I’ve only lost 1 evening to it, but it was an evening with nothing else planned and a high need to unwind.

I am stupidly proud of my wand selection (they gave me fir with unicorn core) and am amused, though not surprised with the Ravenclaw house assignment.  We (I say “we”, oh lordy am I in trouble) are known for being brilliant with high tendencies of insanity, after all.  In our defense, the brilliant can’t help but be insane.  I mean dear god.

Still, that is text book me.

Anywho, that is that.  We’ll see where this goes.  And apparently you can friend and duel people.  So if anyone of you play and want to fill me in on this stuff, by all means.  (Apparently I’m WolfStrike11168 in the game.)  I’m mostly just in it for the new source of knowledge about the books, characters, and world though.

Imagine that.  I’m in it for the knowledge.  Can’t imagine why I’m in Ravenclaw.

That said, I’m not afraid to tell you the part about Professor McGonagall brought tears to my eyes.

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me for awhile, you know I’ve become obsessed with it.  Sorry in advance.  I have no willpower against literature.

(PS. I am really bad, and I mean REALLY BAD at brewing potions.)

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