Dry Nights

Thomas at 2 was easy to potty train.  I didn’t even have to do much except pour him juice and hand over the occasional hotwheel car.  I’m not sure he even needed the cars.  But I was all for a potty training reward system.  The whole process was given a 4 day weekend, it didn’t need it.

But at night he just couldn’t stay dry.  In the past 6 years I have spoken to therapists and doctors and tried many things.  But it just came to the point of brain chemistry not being ready. (The brain makes a chemical that cuts back on the need to potty at night.  When it’s ready.)  It doesn’t help that he is very much my child and can sleep through anything.  The times spent on rubber sheets where he’d pee a literal puddle?  Slept right through.  The many hours spent at waking him before I went to bed so he could potty?  Well, little brother would wake, which is always a treat, but not my Thomas.

We finally just had to stand back recognize that he really can’t help it and provide pull-ups.

When the time came to potty train Luke, he was a bear.  And for a really, really long time he had issues going #2.  Anywhere.  So he has had many doses of Miralax in his life.  Very many doses.  So for a long time we had to keep him in a pull-up because he the Miralax dose was so strong, he couldn’t make it to the potty on time.  Adults would struggle.

But my little red head of stubborn had this mentality that if he was in a pull-up he didn’t even have to try and keep it dry.

Finally after about 9 months of constant treatment for his enlarged colon, we finally have the number 2 issue solved.  Or at least regulated.  So Luke was down to pull-ups at just night.

Which, btw, still had me at a grand total of 3 in a diaper of some form.

Last Monday night, Luke came down 3 minutes after I had watched him pee, handed him a pull-up and sent him to bed.  He had peed his pull-up.  He hadn’t even tried to keep it dry.  He had in fact done it on purpose to postpone bed-time.  Momma don’t play that game.  Those are expensive, I have 3 kids in them, and we just took on a huge car payment and an increase in insurance.  The budget works out, but we can’t waste shit like pull-ups.

Then I realized, how do I even know he is waking up wet in the morning because he peed in the night?  How do I know he isn’t waking up dry and peeing in it right then and there?

So I sent his ass to bed in underwear.  Oh he was pissed about that one.  But?  He stayed dry.  And has stayed dry every night since.

Then about Wednesday, Thomas realized little brother was fully out of pull-ups, and whatever psychological dam there was broke, and he has stayed dry every night since Wednesday night.

And magically, in the span of less than a week, I went from 3 in diapers, of some form, to only 1.

But at 7-months-old, I’ll let Sammy slide.  For now.

4 thoughts on “Dry Nights

  1. I think getting your kids potty trained has to be one of the most joyous moments of parenthood. No more expensive diapers! My kiddie was potty trained in just a couple of days. She peed a couple of times on the baby potty and as soon as she realized potty + pee = no diaper, she insisted on using the regular potty. They do say girls are easier to train than boys, so hopefully things go quicker with Sammy.

  2. I basically potty trained myself. My mom bought a chair cuz it was on sale and she was a few months away from an attempt. I took one look at it in the box, the day she brought it home and that was basically it.

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