Daddy’s Girl

We have entered the realm of being daddy’s girl.  For Sammy, it seems, this means she cries dragon tears streaming down her face, every time daddy dare exit the room.  No matter that momma is holding her, daddy went pee.  Without her.

I think it’s glorious.  First, because I have the joys of being able to pee without breaking my girl’s heart.  But also, I so wanted this relationship for my daughter and husband.  For as long as Pat has wanted a daddy’s girls, I’m thrilled he has one.

But it leaves me to wonder:  How does this phenomenon come to be?

Do daddies covet their little girls because little girls so obviously worship their daddies?


Do little girls worship their daddies because their daddies so obviously covet them?

My boys have always held me as their #1.  They are my boys and I’m their momma.  They love their daddy no doubt, but I’m the one who triggered the dragon tears the most by leaving the room.  Both boys were the same.  Hell, Luke threw himself on top of my feet when I was about to leave with a friend just last week.  He hardly blinks when daddy leaves.  Not because he doesn’t love and miss daddy, but because he knows daddy always comes back.  I always come back too, but I’m momma so it isn’t the same.  I’m also gone more though.  At the same time, this is true for Sammy too, but she is all about her daddy.

Sammy so obviously has a thing for her daddy.

Is this nature or nurture?

And who is the trigger and who is responding?  Father or daughter?

I can’t help but wonder.

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