The Best Part

So I’ve reached the point of realization of the best part of my job.  Or, at least for this week.  There is always a new best part every week.  Which might actually be the ultimate best part of my job, now that I think about it.

But I digress.

I have found the best part of my job, for this week.

Yesterday.  On a glorious Monday (I know but Monday sees me escaping my kids for a few hours of adult time after the weekend with them.) saw me kicking off my sandals and writing the beginning of a poem.  At work.  On the clock.  With branch manager, and actually district manger, encouragement.

There is a contest at work involving creativity.  Branch verses branch, not employee verses employee.  Though, I guess bankers aren’t the most creative sort.  They can be.  They just aren’t known for it.  The whole left brain verses right brain thing.  I think I wrote about that somewhere before, very recently.  Ah yes, here it is.

So I volunteered to head my branch’s submission.  And yesterday I got to business.

And for the first time in my life, was paid to write something creative.

Go figure it was part of my bank job.

I’ll see about sharing it later once the contest is over.  Sorry, but it’s kick-ass and I don’t want the goods stolen.

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