Money and Happiness

Sometimes I think that if we, as a world, could see paychecks as a means of survival as opposed to means of happiness, we’d all be better off.

Yes, there are key things that money buys that are central to happiness:

You’ll notice what’s missing though:

Yes, those things are great but they should not be what our happiness is centered upon.  They should be after thoughts.

And even the list of key importances are translated into mansions, caviar, Coach, and face lifts.

We are all guilty.  I’m aware I’m not immune to this.  But as depression and mental illness rates increase, so do the “coolness” factors of the latest and greatest iGadgets and such.

I just can’t help but wonder what life would be like, and how our economy both local and global would reflect, a mind set of paychecks being a means of survival and not means of happiness.

I think the days of people expecting to work (hard) for their income and survival would return, instead of this entitlement notion that seems to be sweeping across our youth.

I think the days of enjoying what we have instead of looking for our next electrical fix would return.

I think the joy of a walk in the park and a romp in the creek would be our primary anti-depressant.

Or the days of serfs, tariffs and feudalism would simply come back.

Because why would one simply want to enjoy what they have and not demand more?  And why wouldn’t having more lead to power and having less lead to peasantry?

That is, after all, how things really work.  With or without the latest and greatest iPad, huge mansions, and fast cars.

Or, maybe I’m just bitter because my phone is in fact rather dumb, my computer is confined to a desk,. and my favorite reading material is printed on paper.

Or maybe my greatest monetary achievements today were the new laundry baskets and hamper to replace the ones I have that have been busted for years and were only getting worse.  The shoes I plan to work in are pretty shiny too.

I am a girl.  I do like shoes though for far more than just the practical reasons.

Yet?  I’m my happiest barefoot in the soft sun kissed grass, or cooling creek.

So, which is it?

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