Dose of Happy Monday

Linking up with the band this week.  I don’t usually, but this Monday was magic.  Actually, I generally rather like Mondays.  After what equates to 48 hours with my family, I enjoy escaping back to the adult world.  Not going to lie.  I love my family but I also value my brain.

So, tonight for dinner, the boys and I made this.

Granted, they were the only ones to eat it because ew gross, but we made it together.  It was actually a rather fun art project.  We made all sorts of designs that they then got to eat after it cooked.

Then while dinner was on the stove, I brought out the ice-your-own cookie kit I bought at the store on my lunch break.  I saw it and could stop myself.  It was a couple dozen basic cookies in spring shapes, along with 3 different colors of icing in bags ready to be snipped in the corner and squeezed.

The 3 of us had a blast designing cookies.

Then they ate dinner and then we devoured a few cookies.

All in all, dinner was full of craft and yum.

Well, the dessert was yum, though they would argue dinner was yum to.  I pretty much refuse to eat hot dogs, but apparently I’m willing to stick cold, slimy hot dog pieces to spaghetti sticks.  Go figure.  But that is love only a mother can demonstrate, let me tell you.

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