Today leaves me filled with mental anguish and physical pain.  It’s all the slings and arrows of day-to-day life but today was a bit much.  Granted, that’s mostly because of the physical pain factor.

It started awesome.  Decent day at work.  Got in contact with mom on my way home.  She was free, I was free, the day was gorgeous.

We took the kids, all 3, to the park.  The boys were super good.  Sammy enjoyed the sun on her bare toes.  There wasn’t even a huge fit when we left.  In fact, I’m now questioning if we even left with my children…

After the park we went to DQ to get a treat.  Once there, most of us decided that with it being 4 and hunger really showing up, we might as well get real food too.  And it was decent.  The kids were still mostly good.  I can live with mostly, at their ages.

But, at DQ, despite being flat footed and on even surface, my left ankle collapsed under me and I really messed it up bad.  It isn’t broken or anything and I had a splint at home.  But walking for the next few days is sure to be fun.

Meanwhile, I think this is the best I’ve gotten it in awhile because even with weight off, stable, and not moving, the pain is constant.

I wasn’t in instant bad mood, but I knew I was on a fine line where it wouldn’t take much.

Then realization that our goal of getting my hair cut wasn’t going to happen, for various reasons, hit and I’m feeling pretty crappy over that.  I don’t dislike the buzz cuts, but I am bored with them.  However, I am to the point where I care a lot more about getting my hair off my neck and ears than I care about the style.  But I guess some feel that a buzz is not the preferred method of solution.  Which fine.  Ok.  But if time won’t permit the cut and I don’t mind the buzz, it’s my hair and I’m crying GET IT OFF.  So I guess maybe tomorrow?  But we’ll see.

In retrospect, I guess this doesn’t sound so bad.  And it won’t lead to a downward spiral.  But the ankle and hair are just leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I have another post to write.  I started to place it here but realized it was too important to get tucked at the bottom of this ramble.  And it is long enough to support it’s own title.

One thought on “Complicated

  1. You must be having beautiful weather like us. Sure doesn't feel like March. People here are wearing shorts, & flip flops.
    Sorry about your ankle. I hope it feels better soon. Did you trip over something or did it just give way on you?
    As for the hair I won't say anything. It's all up to you what you want. You would do what you want even if we don't like it right?LOL
    Enjoy the nice weather & hope winter is over.

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