12 for 2012

Alright.  I hate the term “resolutions” so we’ll call these goals.  To me that makes them more flexible.  Not so I can “break” them, but so that I can “rework” them as need be.

1. I want to be just as, if not more, happy in my new job this time next year, as I am now.

2. I want to get my kids in activities.  Taekwondo for Thomas.  Piano for Luke. Or at least attempt it.  Meaning, if after a few lessons Luke proves not ready, then I’ll at least be able to say I tried. Maybe Kinder Choir would work instead.

3. I want to at least attempt to be off all meds by the end of 2012.  I really think if I can get past 6 months postpartum without crashing, I’ll be just fine to do so.  If I go off and crash, I can always go back on them.  But dammit, I really want to try!

4. Yard.  My kids need a yard.  We are working on finding a house to rent.  Actually, we have a friend wanting to buy a house he can rent us.  Either way, this has to happen.  We need more space.  And flat out, aren’t legal to renew our lease with the number of people under our roof vs number of bedrooms ratio we have got going.  And another apartment won’t work.  We’ve outgrown anything that isn’t a house.

5. I want to spend more days happy than sad.  Tempted to keep a tally, but only if the results rally spirits instead of depresses them.

6. I am going to buy the shit out of both of my book wish lists on Amazon.  If anyone wants to help me add to both wish lists, I’m taking book recommendations!

7. Work on improving my relationship with Pat.  We are on the other side of 8 years of mental health hell.  I am finally in a really good place and actively working on what lingers.  Which is hopefully allowing Pat’s mental health to improve, though I do recognize his situation is different than mine.  To use my metaphor, I am in “remission” and he is “terminal”.  That said, my improvement does allow for improvement with him.  Which means we can then, in turn, work on our relationship.  Too often we tolerate each other.  I want to increase the number of hours, days, weeks and years of enjoying each other. This is a process.  It took years to get as bad as we sometimes were at our lowest.  It can take even longer to get better.  The climb back up is steep and paved in a history of hurt feelings.

8. I want to accomplish one task that is actively aiding in furthering my career: full-time, platform, simply becoming a notary.  Whatever.  It’s all progress!

9. I want to get a semester of school accomplished.  Even if it’s only 1 class due to a packed schedule, that’s still 1 class further than I am.  I’ll work on the business management degree for now.  Not matter where else I go, it’s a start and helpful.

10. Progress in figuring out discipline that really works with the boys and helps get their behavior under control.  This also includes getting Thomas back into therapy.

11.  I need to increase my social life.  I leave the house to work or for appointments.  I need to attempt to leave the house at least a few times a month for the purposes of being social with friends.  One, I need a life, but also, this will hopefully allow me to be less jealous of Pat’s social outings which will help our relationship.

12.  Dudes.  There are polar bears like not even an hour away.  They have been there for roughly 1.5-2 years.  I have not seen them.  Even my 3-year-old and husband have seen them.  My 8-year-old has seen them twice.  But not me.  How is this even possible?

4 thoughts on “12 for 2012

  1. That's quite a list. You are a very determined lady so I'm sure you will do what you setout to do. Take one day at a time & you'll make it. Good luck Love you

  2. These are some great goals. #5 is a big one on my list too. Good luck in 2012, hope it's your best year yet.

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