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The Character Alignment Of My 8-Year-Old

Ok, long conversation at the dinner table between me and the boys regarding good vs bad behavior.
“Is throwing your food good or bad?”
“Is eating all your veggies before asking for dessert good or bad?”
“Is sitting and reading quietly good or bad?”
“Is ripping your books good or bad?”
“What is something you could do to be good?”
“What is something you would do that is bad?”
“What happens when you are good?”
“What happens when you are bad?”
“What is something good you can do if your brother ?”
Eventually led to:
“Luke, do you want to be good or bad?”
“Thomas, do you want to be good or bad?”
Uh.  Ok then.  Just wish their wasn’t also a “chaotic” there in front of that alignment.

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  1. Ping from Original_Wacky:

    I like to think I'm Chaotic Good. Hee!

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