12 Plus Hours Later.

Got to the hospital at 6.  OR at 7:30.  Was in the OR and alert for like 2 minutes when next thing I knew I was asleep.  I don’t remember any warning and count.  May not have been one.  I don’t care either way.  I didn’t need it.

Next thing I knew I was waking in the recovery room almost an hour later.  First words out of my mouth were asking if my husband had been told I was alright, when would he know I was awake, and when could he see me.  See, I wanted him, but he needed me.  Pat’s panic disorder was not handling my surgery well, no matter how minor or elective.  (Which I accept and understand.)  So I was very concerned for him to see me for himself as soon as possible.  I didn’t beg for him or annoy the nurses to bring him up because I knew they had procedure to follow, but I was proactive in getting him up there as soon as I was nearing ready to go, and I was not taking my time with that either.  I wasn’t yet in pain.  It didn’t matter if I could fully walk.  I drank what they gave me to show I was functional and then I was ready.

I passed out not too long after getting home and slept til maybe 1:15.

2ish was my first at home dose of pain meds.  I was hurting but not too bad.  It put me right back out.

5 I woke in a pain that made it evident the good stuff from the OR was out of my system and it was just me and my Lortab and Aleve.  Which, doesn’t work so awesome I found out at 6 when I took it.  It’s good stuff, my body just laughs at pain meds.

Tomorrow I’m either going to call and see what my options are for an upgrade or say fuck it, pop a Lunesta instead and sleep it off more deeply.

I did take 2 Lortab for my 10PM dose which is allowed.  I’d only been taking 1 to try and conserve them and because I’m not a max dose unless I need it sort of gal.  But I need it, if it will do the trick.

Also, all the other aches and pains I deal with day to day?  Still totally fucking there.  *sigh*

I really wish medicinal pot was legal.  I would indeed use it for pain control.  Also suppose to be great as an anti-anxiety and for BPD.  Hard to have rage issues while on pot.  But I’m going to wait til it’s legal before I act on that knowledge.  I’ll also discuss with work the consequences of me smoking even with a script.  A woman got fired in Washington (from a different company) for smoking pot even with a valid script.  Wasn’t smoking at work.  Wasn’t even coming to work high.  But couldn’t pass the drug test.  So I’ll cover my ass first.  I love this job and company too much not to.

4 thoughts on “12 Plus Hours Later.

  1. Hope today is better for you! I'm all about medicinal pot for pain and anxiety! Sometimes my lorazepam just doesn't cut it.


  2. I so totally think medicinal pot could NOT be a better idea. Unless maybe if it were wrapped in bacon and covered in chocolate. Hmmm.

  3. The current federal laws are what most employers will use to justify dismissal even when state law allows it. Some consistency would be nice.

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