It Is Coming, I Promise

I have SO much to write!  I’ve just been so very busy.  Work all day, home to kids, kids in bed, catch up what I can, crash myself.

But I have so very much to talk about.  So very much.

And it is good!  SO VERY GOOD!

But now I need to crash.  One more long day.  Then I have all weekend off.  I’ll fill everyone in then, I promise!

One thought on “It Is Coming, I Promise

  1. Sounds like you are a busy lady. Glad you like the job. Once you get thru the training you'll be fine. It will take a little time to get into a routine since you were off work so long.
    Hope Sammy is adjusting to you being gone. Babies adjust fine.
    Good luck.
    Hope you got the pictures I sent.

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