To Make My Career Choice Happen

Alright, if I decide to go the route of becoming a therapist, I’ll have a tough road but it isn’t impossible.

It takes a master’s degree.  So that’s 4 years for the bachelors and another 2-3 years for the masters.  And that’s if I go full time with a full course load.  The only way that would happen would be if I magically didn’t have to work.  So 7 years would be more like, oh, 15.  So not impossible.  If I can get this started by the time I’m 30, I’d be in my profession by the time I’m 45 at the earliest.  It’s a very late start in my career but that doesn’t have to mean anything.  But frankly, there is no way to do this without that masters.

Now, I have various options of what that masters can be in.  All related to therapy, of course, but a few different choices.  I imagine it will depend on what school I choose and what they offer.  I have not looked that far into it, but I imagine I’d be going with Ohio State University since I do live rather close to it.  It seems to be the logical answer without having done research.

Now, honestly, my best bet is to get a something 2 year at Columbus State Community College.  I’m already enrolled there, which is handy, and I don’t currently qualify for aid, which is a long story you will find if you click the “school” label on the right, so the first few classes will be out of pocket.  A community college is more affordable for that. Long term, I’d like to get through this with as few loans as possible.  I’m not against using loans to pay for an education that would get me a job like what I want.  But it would be nice to continue to be debt free.

So goals
1. Find a 2 year degree option that will be progress towards the 4 year degree needed.
2. Actually get the 2 year degree.
3. Oh look, half way, roughly, done with a 4 year degree, might as well find a school and a degree to finish it up!
4. Actually finish the 4 year degree.
5. Decide on what Master’s program I want to go with and where.
6. Get er done
7. Do what I do anyway, this time with a degree and a paycheck behind it.
8. Still give advice free through my blog, only this time without the disclaimer that I’m not a professional.  Just big hearted.

Do I really think I can make this happen?  When I really set my mind to things, things get done.  But this is me jumping from 2, 2 year community college degrees, to a full on masters degree.  That is major shit.  And I don’t exactly have time and money to invest into it.  Yes, I can make the money thing happen: Grants, scholarships, loans, possibly my mom.  But the time is a huge thing.  Between work and kids, I can only afford to take a couple classes at a time.  And I can’t go more than two semesters in year.  So that is stretching this process out for a very long time.  Would it be worth it in the long run?  Yes, but that is asking my family to be patient while I balance 3 priorities for a very long time.  And at this rate, I’d be a Grandma before I had my masters.  So the question becomes what sacrifice do I want to make?

It would be different if I could school full-time and work not at all.  But I don’t live in a world where that is possible.  And I accept that.  I chose this path and I don’t regret it.  But it is a harder path that leaves me fewer choices and I have to live with that.

Ironically, if I had done the college thing fresh out of high school like I started to, I’d be in the field of computers and very, extremely miserable.  It took this path that I’m on for me to see where I wanted to be in the end.  I just have to figure out how to navigate this path to that bright and sunny clearing.

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