Just A Quick Meds Update

Before pregnancy, my anti-depressant was at 90mg of Cymbalta.  After Sammy was born, we started at 60 knowing we could up it at any time.  I’m officially put in the request for it to go back to the 90.  I’m not in bad shape, by any means, I just feel I could be doing better.  I’ll be fine a few days and then I’ll have a low.  It’s almost playing out like rapid-cycling bi-polar, though my lows and highs are way too close to baseline for it to be that.  That’s just the best way to explain it.  And when I’m up, I think I’m crazy for wanting that extra something.  But when I’m down I’m well aware that while yes, I’m still ok, I’m very capable of being better, and I’m also very capable of a sudden crash that these ups and downs are sometimes a prelude to.  So since, it’s a simple matter of increasing something that’s already in my system, back to my original dose, might as well.  And my mental health team agreed.


However, I’m currently enjoying a healthy, natural sex life with my husband that my meds usually kill all interest in.  I’m even, apparently, a cuddler atm.  Should this increase lead to any signs of that disappearing, well, I’d rather the enjoyment of my husband than the extra 30 of Cymbalta.  No second thoughts.


Anyway, still a long ways off of needing anything else.  This extra Cymbalta should do the trick, and if it doesn’t I’m at healthy enough of a place to just leave it be.  There really is a comfortable point of good enough, if you’ve given better an honest try and it simply doesn’t work out.

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