I Think I Have Made A Decision

A decision that sits well with me, even.

I don’t know yet what I’m going to do about school.  It comes down to 2 main choices:
1. Work part or full-time to support my family, while taking no more than 4 classes a year, therefore having it take roughly 15-20 years to get my master’s but I’ll be 100% debt free.
2. Stop working to dedicate my self 100% to getting my master’s as quickly as possible meanwhile using grants, scholarships and massive loans to the tune of 120K to both put myself through school, but also support my family for the 7 years it would take me to get my master’s.

Honestly, both options have their pros and cons.  I mean, that’s a LOT of debt BUT the job I’m going for pays enough that I can afford it in the end.  Assuming I get said job immediately.  ETC ETC ETC

It’s a non-stop circle of pros and cons.

MEANWHILE our country (world) is in economic crisis.  Wallstreet, banks, even the government debt ceiling which wasn’t that far in our past.

Epiphany of postponement because: Does NOW really seem like a good time to make a serious financial decision that if the slightest thing goes wrong will put my family in ruin?

I mean, retail isn’t glamorous or enjoyable, but bills are getting paid.  And I am still looking for another job as we speak in a different field and there is hope it will work out.  Worthwhile hope.

So the big decision, I’m putting off until things settle down.  BUT there is no harm to making the lesser decision to take classes here and there to at least get me started.  It is easier to start part-time and end full-time than it is to quit working, go to school full-time, acquire debt, realize it isn’t working out and…

I’ll start with the basics like that English class or two I really need to get out of the way.  After all, no matter what degree I end up with, I’ll be required those two English classes.

One thought on “I Think I Have Made A Decision

  1. I agree with you. Now is a scary time to make financial commitments to things that can be done just as well later x

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