Can You Spare A Link?

Hey you!  Yes, YOU! I am making all sorts of lists with different links, and I need more!

Do you follow a mental health blog?  Can I have the link?

Do you know a GREAT location to get DBT in your area?  Can I have the link?

Do you know any sites that you simply can’t live without that deal with mental health?  Can I have the link?

Link you yourself.  Link to others.  Let’s get these lists built!  If you know a great source, don’t keep it to yourself!  Pass it on!

Also, shameless plug here, if you yourself have such a list… would you consider adding me?  It will always be appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Can You Spare A Link?

  1. BTW, if you're interested, here's the link to my main blog:

    I'm quite newly back on the blogging roundabout, but I'm generally writing about my experiences and any crazy thoughts that come into my head as they come along. It's been really good, as it's the first time I've actually been honest about some of the crazy things I go through (which is harder than anything!).

  2. It's been added to the list! Do keep in mind I'm compiling the list and coding off site and uploading it when it's done. So it'll be a few days or a couple weeks before it's up for all. But it'll be there for all to see asap!

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