Another Long One

This is another one of those a lot to cover in one post days, I’m afraid.

I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch. I don’t think, at this time, that it calls for meds. It’s just life doing it’s thing.

We’ll start with Facebook. I’ve been growing disgruntled with Facebook for a long time. No one likes that it sells everyone’s information, let’s be honest, but we use it. Why do we use it? It’s the only social media site of its kind. No one likes all the design changes, but we are free customers, so what right do we have to protest. Though, since they are still making money off of us, one might argue we have a right to be heard, even if that money isn’t coming from our pockets. But that is neither here nor there. We all have had issue with Facebook. But what choice?

Then along came Google+. But I resisted. It was yet another site to maintain. Why deal with it? “It’s better!” I was told. Yes, but the people I choose to connect with are all on Facebook. “It’s just like Facebook but better!” I was told. “It’s just like Facebook but your parents aren’t here!” They added. And I will admit, that is a selling point to my generation. So with time I started my Google+ account and maintained both. Knowing all along, if I dropped one, it would be Facebook. Because, as promised, Google+ was indeed better. Though they did lie about the part about your parents not being there. My mother added me to a circle the other day. So, in response, I added her to a “Stuff I’m willing to let my mother read” circle. Because, if my mother is going to be on Google+, at least I have that option. What will I censor from my mom? Don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.

But all this time, I’ve been maintaining both all while getting more and more disgruntled with Facebook. Then came the drama. I don’t care to discuss details. Really, there is more than one event. But in the long run, Facebook was starting to remind me more and more of high school. And I swore almost a decade ago, when I left those halls, I would never go back. And yet, Facebook dragged me back. So today, I had enough. I’m no longer on Facebook and I’m not looking back.

Part of me feels bad that I gave no warning to anybody. No one. But then I decided, those who care to contact me, will find a way. I’m not hard to track down. Hell, type my first and last name into Google and this blog comes up. Want to know what’s going on in my life? This is the first place to look. Twitter is second. Facebook was third all along. And those who aren’t willing to keep up with my blog or take a peek at my twitter, can’t be all that interested in keeping up with my life in the first place. I mean, fine… maybe not everyone has the time to read my blog rambles. But twitter limits me to 140 characters at a time. Who doesn’t have time for that? And then, there is also my cell phone or email for contact. So really, if deleting my Facebook means I lose contact with people, then they must not be trying.

Rough patch 2 is money. Always money. It isn’t so much bills not getting paid, or basic needs not being met. I’m just starting to feel the lack of any real spending money. Which might sound stupid. But what would I do with said spending money? Well for starters, I have a coupon for toilet bowl cleaner I’d love to use. The boys could use odds and ends of clothing. Nothing major. They aren’t going naked. But a few more pants here and a couple shirts there to fill in the gaps. Sammy has a longer list. Hers is also the cheapest to fill in the gaps, though. But with Sammy, I was expecting her to be born a bit sooner, and I wasn’t prepared for it to get so cold so soon. So most of the clothes in her size aren’t really for this season. We are managing fine, but really, I’d like more options for her. I’d like 50$ to head to Once Upon a Child to buy pretty things. Because dressing her up is one of my greatest joys in life right now. And it makes the other things disappear.

I had that sleep study last night and to be honest, I was dreading it. Oddly, people were expecting me to be worried about leaving Sammy, but that’s just silly. I mean, after 8 years and now 3 kids, I knew without a doubt she was in highly capable hands. I made sure before I left that Pat would have everything he could possibly need within reach and gave him a few words of Sammy specific wisdom and that was the extent of my worry. Honestly, I was looking forward to the option to sleep through the night without being woken every few hours. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problems getting up with Sammy in the night. She is little. She needs me. But one night off? Hells yeah! And then right back to it the next day.

Lunesta and that was that. While I may not have been the most chipper person at 5:20 when they woke me, I survived and got real sleep.

Do I know anything result wise? Nope. And I won’t for a week or more. They checked for every possible sleep problem there is, but just because I spent the night wired to machines, doesn’t mean I magically know what’s wrong. The results still have to be studied by a doctor who wasn’t even on site last night. That’s how it is. So I wait. I do know I checked off more than my fair share of items on the symptoms list though. So I’m guessing there is something.

Sammy is officially 1 month old now.  Up until now, her eating and sleeping schedule has been 100% baby led.  Since she hasn’t had days and nights confused, I haven’t worried.  But she has been very inconsistent in sleeping length/times and bottle times/amounts.  So starting today, I’m going to start tracking her baby led schedule looking for patterns and see if I can get her a bit more regular.  Even if that regular is her 2PM bottle always being 2oz instead of 4 because she just wants a snack.  Whatever.  I did this same thing with both boys.  I know when to follow her cues and such so with time and patience, this isn’t overly hard.  I’m just aiming towards a touch more predictability.  As much as what’s possible with someone this little anyways.

I’m going to stop here.  There is more to post but I’m done for now.

4 thoughts on “Another Long One

  1. Yo, don't buy that baby any clothing. I have 3 copy paper boxes, full of clothing, packed up, and headed your way on Monday. Sizes 0-3 all the way to 12 months. Tell me the boys sizes again? I'm way behind on the basement project, but I swear, I have oodles of stuff for them, if I just get my ass in gear and pack it up.

  2. Hey there D =)
    Mr Thomas is a size 8 and young Luke is a size 5T. Please please please stay in touch despite me being off fb. I know you are on twitter but you don't use it much. Google+ maybe?

  3. I'm not doing Google+ honey. Was just poking around a bit. No real interest, no time and don't really give a shit. You're safe.

  4. It's not really a big deal. You should use it since I refuse facebook. It was just surprising and a couple of times I have ranted there about family knowing family wouldn't be able to read it. But ti's real easy to decided who can read what.

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