And It Was So

Every email I get asking for help/guidance/advice/whatever has me that much more determined that DAMMIT!  I WILL DO THIS FOR A LIVING EVEN IF IT DOES TAKE ME 20 YEARS TO MAKE IT SO!!!!

Then of course I’ll also continue to help people the best I can through my site and email.  Only, without the disclaimer that I’m not a professional, etc etc etc.

And while it breaks my heart that this week has seen 2 people who are in a place they feel they need to reach for help, I am happy that they both felt comfortable to reach out for it.  And I’m always honored to do the best damn job that I can to help.

It gives me purpose.  An identity and reason that is all mine and not dedicated to my kids.  I’m not just mom, wife, daughter, etc.  I have an identity all my own that I’m trying to do good with.  To create positive change with.  And while I HAVE to be there for my kids because I created them, I choose to be there for you who read these words.  And feeling that I’ve helped someone, however much, gives me meaning.  And it gives my BPD purpose if it means I can use my experience from it to help others.

All that was to say, please never hesitate to shoot me a line for whatever your need is.  I can help track down DBT, give basic advice if you just need an unbiased opinion, or simply listen and hold your hand in spirit.

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