Aiming For Honesty

Ok. Top left hand column. Obvious ad/widget for my store. And wait. What’s that? Donate buttons? Let’s discuss.


Honestly, while yes I make some profit off it… If you buy a baby onesies, I make enough profit to buy 2 taco bell hard tacos. I won’t be making a fortune off that store. If anything at all. It exists to amuse me. That’s it.

Want to buy something? Kick-ass! But I’m not worried about it. I’ve had so much fun the past few days coming up with sayings to put on onesies that make reference to eating babies, that I don’t need to actually sell any of it for it to make my day.

I am kinda hoping to sell some of the actual blog products. Not for the income, but for the advertising. I want to increase traffic. Not because oh look higher stats and more $$$ for me. Because, I don’t make anything off hits. No paid ads. But simply because every time someone comes to this blog, they stand a chance of walking away with actual knowledge about BPD. While so much of this content is about my day to day, the basic set-up of the whole site is to make it easy for people to find the actual important stuff. The stuff that gives real knowledge about this mental illness. Wear a shirt and I get a click or two? There the knowledge goes off this site and into the real world. THAT is my goal. The baby shit is just for me to giggle over.

My stats from MANY sources do show me time and time again that people who happen upon this blog, do actually click around the important posts, not just the random crap.

Erm, I should point out that I’m looking to have a custom made graphic designed for me/us that I can put on things with a linkie dink so there will be pretty options not just random words.  But that’s in the future.  Not sure how far off.

Donate Buttons

I did address this in the column, but I’ll reenforce it here.  It’s a 50/50 split.  Half of anything donated will go to hope hotline or some other charity that deals with support for BPD, depression, etc.  And yes.  Some of it goes to supporting my family.  I spend hours on this site.  I tell my family, “Just let me finish this post.”  I go out there and spread the word.  Twitter.  Commenting on other blogs so it links back here.  Reading up on SEO.  Giving advice to my readers who need it.  Doing research for my readers who need it.  Making connections so I can add important links.  I. Work. Hard. At. This.  It is, in effect, my second job.  AND I LOVE IT!  I REALLY, REALLY DO!  I do it to help others and myself.  But, that said, there is actual work and I won’t feel guilty for making it an option to occasionally get paid for that work.  It’s not like anyone has to donate.  There is no set minimum.  I’ll never beg.  I’ll never hound.  I won’t even bring it up often, if at all, after this.  The buttons will just be there.  And if someone clicks and follows through, awesome.  If not… well, it doesn’t cost me anything for it to sit there.

PS. I really wish I could afford to buy 1 of everything in my store.  I didn’t make it if I wouldn’t wear it or dress my baby in it.  This is my favorite for me.  Customize to be black w/ white writing.  (You can do that, btw.  You don’t HAVE to go with my colors.)   And no, I can’t pick 1 favorite from the baby/kid’s stuff.  Too many too choose.

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