TMI, Read At Your Own Risk

The thing about breast pads, is that you are no longer aware that you are leaking, once they enter the picture. So, at spome point you are free to noitce that, “Hey my boobs are no longer 50 pounds each!” and might actually confuse that to mean that your milk has finally dried up. Especially if you’ve never really had milk to contend with in the past. So with a rush of relief you remove the bra you’ve been wearing non-stop for a week now and relish the lack of chest restriction, and the ability to breath deep. But then, just maybe, your lack of lactating knowledge, might lead to that being an early removal and you will indeed discover this fact a few hours later when your 10-day-old wakes up and has a good cry because she is hungry/poopy/being changed, and oh look the left side of your shirt is now soaked. And it’s always the left side, though the right side is now equally soaked thanks to a Mt Dew mishap. So at least it’s balanced?

Welcome back bra.

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