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Sleep Apnea

One of the suggestions I received regarding my headaches was that maybe I had sleep apnea.  I kind of knew what it was, but not in depth and I didn’t know the symptoms and such.  So I Google it.  (How did people exist before Google?  I mean seriously!  I know I use to.  For years.  But I don’t remember how I got by back then.)

You have all heard me make reference to the first time it was suggested I had BPD.  My therapist at the time read the 9 criteria to me and it was like “Holy shit, my whole life suddenly makes sense now!”

Yeah, reading about sleep apnea was pretty much like that, only not quite as intense.

So the question is this: Clearly I’m going to the doctor, and I might even mention sleep apnea.  But how do I bring it up without pushing it because “OMG I KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME AND CAN’T POSSIBLY BE WRONG DESPITE THE FACT I HAVE NO REAL KNOWLEDGE AND YOU WENT TO SCHOOL FOR THIS SHIT FOR A DECADE.”  Also, mentioning I Googled it is also out.  Hard to take a patient who looked their symptoms up online seriously.  Now, there is some credibility to it since the person who first mentioned it, long before I touched Google, did use to be a nurse.  So that’s something.

And it really might not be sleep apnea.  I’m not trying to self diagnose.  I’m just aware that the symptoms fit and I want it on the list of possible things that are considered.

So how do I make sure it’s on that list?

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