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I’m officially a Who down in Whoville. And by Who I do mean "The Doctor".

So Pat has been watching Dr Who for awhile now. He started, recently anyway, with season 1, episode 1 of the more recent reboot w/ Christopher Eccleston aka the 9th Doctor. For awhile now, Pat has been insiting I sit down with netflix and watch them too. Because duh, I’m slightly infatuated with England, and I like science fiction, and well, duh. But I’ve been resisting. Not because I disagreed with him, but because I didn’t want the time sink. I mean, I’m home these days and have the time, but there are so many other things I could be doing and I don’t really need another obsession.

But then he told me he, having caught up to currently played episodes, it starting over from the beginning yet again because he wants to, did I want to watch them with him? Fine. Time sink, but this way it’s quality time with my husband! As long as he’d agree that we were going at my pace, not his. I wasn’t watching an entire season in one day.

Yeah, I’m outpacing him at this point. But I’m stuck staying at his pace. Because duh, I’m obsessed. And I want to see what happens next. And he’s in no hurry because he’s seen them all.

Anyway. I’ll end this with a funny story.

Pat: Yeah, sorry. This episode is a little cheesy.
Me: Uh, it’s British Sci-Fi…
Pat: Yeah, good point… *laugh*

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