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borderline personality disorder blog bpdThis time I went to Blogger for help, not Google+. Same result, with more base information, and a little more tactful.


Short description of problem:

I went through the albums that were pulled over from my blogger blogs to G+ and deleted some doubles not realizing they were being deleted from the blogger server and therefore my blog itself, not just the g+ album. What with there being no warning as to where they were being deleted from, or an option to simply hide certain photos, I assumed I was safe. Fine, I see my error. But is there a “I messed up and take it all back” option 12 hours later now that I realize what I did?

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Long description of problem:

Not ALL photos are gone. Just the ones I deleted from the Google+ albums. I did not delete full albums, just individual photos that I didn’t want in said albums on Google+. There is indeed a warning on google+ when you delete a photo, it reads: “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this photo?” Please note, that makes no reference to the blogger blog it came from. Hind sight, I guess I might have guessed? Maybe? But with no options to simply hide select photos, it was delete or leave shared so I assumed I was safe to delete. I’ve tried talking to Google+ tech support and got the following:
“When you delete an album from Google+, you should see a confirmation dialog that says the following:

If you want to permanently delete the album and remove it from all Google products, including Picasa Web Albums, Blogger, and others, click “Delete”. As Phil mentioned, this action can’t be reverted.”

Followed by the thread being closed due to the question being answered. I’m hoping you’ll be a bit more helpful, or at least tactful, and knowledgeable/understanding that deleting a single photo does not give you the same pop-up/warning as deleting a full album, though both have the same effect.


I’m not sure what we can tell you. Blogger uses Picasa for the photo hosting. When you delete photos from Picasa, they are g o n e, and Picasa has no recovery feature like Blogger has.

We have discussions about this in the Blogger TC forum, the Google TC forum, and the Google+ forum. So far, what we are getting is what you got from Phil.


Alright. I don’t like the answer but I like how you treated me. I hope something can be worked out in the future, even if it’s to late for me. Perhaps even just better warning of what is actually happening when you click delete? If I had some sort of warning, I never would have deleted them to begin with. What’s weird is that most of what I deleted were doubles of the same image right next to each together, even though they were only posted once in the actual blog. Deleting just one of the two, made them go poof from the blog. With some work I might be able to go back and fix some of it on some of the blogs, but in a lot of cases I have no way of knowing what went in the hole that’s now there.

Anyway, thanks for the fast and courteous reply. That’s more than what I got from the Google+ team.

Oh, and sure enough, I have a Picasa account. Go figure.

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