Really Long Pregnancy Update you WANT to Read

PregBellyOk. Today was the 37 week OBGYN appointment. I’ve never made it to the 37 weeks appointment, so I was kinda sad to be going. Anyway…


My blood pressure is a touch higher than usual. Which isn’t alarming, but I’m almost always the same, so the change was unusual. It was followed by a recheck 15 minutes later and was still reading the same. It was then followed by a million questions. She seemed satisfied with the answers so while we are keeping an eye on it and watching for other key symptoms, so far no real alarm.


I was asked by the nurse if I wanted my cervix checked. They automatically do it at 38 weeks, but offer it at 37. If momma has been having contractions and such, it’s worth the check. If not, it’s uncomfortable as hell, so they don’t make you. I answered the offer with an unhesitating “HELL YEAH!” (Fine, it was a polite “Yes please”)


I am currently at 2.5 centimeters and the baby is RIGHT THERE. I knew that about the baby, but hearing there is actual progress was very very nice. Granted, this doesn’t mean it will happen tonight (it could) it just means the torture my back has been putting me through wasn’t for nothing.


The “back spasms” have indeed been confirmed to be contractions. I was to the point where I was pretty sure of that anyway but it was nice to hear. At this point, they are still braxton hicks, but that can change at any point. She does agree with my lack of a frenzy in timing them. We both agree that I’ll know when to start monitoring and seeing as how every time I start, they immediately stop, I’m good to just follow my own logic. These may be very different than what I went through with the boys, but I have done this before, I’ll know.


We did discuss me being induced. I won’t know until Monday or Tuesday what time, but I will be induced on the 29. Which has me at EXACTLY 39 weeks. That said, NO ONE thinks I’ll actually make it to that point. It’s just being scheduled just in case. My, “the end is in sight” safety net.


In parting, I should point out that at 37 weeks and 4 days, I have officially been pregnant for this pregnancy longer than I was the other 2.  A record I was NOT really wanting to break.

3 thoughts on “Really Long Pregnancy Update you WANT to Read

  1. Maybe it's just cuz I haven't been reading blogs regularly lately, but it doesn't seem like it was that long ago you announced you were pregnant. I was surprised to read you're that far along. If you're already 2.5 centimeters dilated, I don't think you'll make it to the 29th either. When the baby does come, I hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. Thank you! Parts of it have flown by, others drag. This last little part where everything is ready and done and I'm just waiting for contractions to become regular enough and closer together, is pretty much taking decades. We're a few hours away from a full century of pregnancy.

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