My 5

A blog I follow challenged us to in the comments list 5 things we are thankful for.

Here is my exact comment, because as I was typing it there, I realized it belonged here too.

1. My red-headed 3yo (BAD combination btw) may be headstrong, but he is the BEST hugger in the house and gives them freely!

2. My 3yo may be terrified of monsters and in a stage where he refuses to sleep in his own bed, but his warm little soft body gravitates to mine in the night causing me to miss him on the nights when I can coax him into his own bed.

3. I have officially been pregnant a week longer than I wanted to be, but she is healthy, strong and won’t be a preemie.

4. I have been off all my psyche meds a week longer than I wanted to be, but I’m surviving and the first script is filled, packed in the hospital bag, and it’s already on my charts those pills are being popped, baby! And that light at the end of that tunnel is glorious.

5. My husband and I are at wits end living up each other’s butts for the past 2+ months because I had to stop working and have at least 6 more weeks before I go back, but we’ve had less than a handful of screaming matches and that’s actually pretty good for us. Plus they blow over fast and the anger never lingers. Also good for us.

and because I can

6. I’m being induced on the 29th if I don’t pop first, so my OMG THIS IS TAKING FOREVER has a clear end in sight.

7. With this being my third, I’m officially more scared of the first post-birth poop, than I am the actual labor and delivery (they don’t provide an epidural for that shit) and that thought amuses me and calms me.

8. My 8yo goes back to school on Wednesday and thank god because I wasn’t sure he’d make it. My 3yo, on the other hand, doesn’t. And well, thank god for #1 on this list…

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