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Follow Up

borderline personality disorder blog bpd(If you thought I was pissed with congress. Heh.)

4 hours later I learn Google+ tech support is run by (unhelpful) douche-canoes. Good to know! PS deleting a PHOTO =/= deleting an ALBUM. Therefor the warning you get with the ALBUM is not helpful if you are only deleting a single PHOTO. Fucktards.


I went through the albums that were pulled over from my blogger blogs to G+ and deleted some doubles not realizing they were being deleted from the blogger server and therefore my blog itself, not just the g+ album. What with there being no warning as to where they were being deleted from, or an option to simply hide certain photos, I assumed I was safe. Fine, I see my error. But is there a “I messed up and take it all back” option 12 hours later now that I realize what I did?


Unfortunately, deleted albums cannot be recovered as mentioned in a post by Google in the link below:

I understand that when you try to delete an album in G+ you will get a popup warning. I tested a deletion and I did see the warning.
Sorry, nothing more that I can help you with on this.


“Are you sure you want to permanently delete this photo?”THAT is a warning that the photo is being deleted NOT just from the Google+ album I’m in but also from the Blog? From the blogger server? Seriously? THAT is the warning of something that can’t be fixed and it’s considered enough? Wow, not even Facebook is that dumb. And that’s saying something.



When you delete an album from Google+, you should see a confirmation dialog that says the following:

If you want to permanently delete the album and remove it from all Google products, including Picasa Web Albums, Blogger, and others, click “Delete”. As Phil mentioned, this action can’t be reverted.

Wow. That’s nice and all, but I didn’t delete an album and therefor did not get that message. I deleted a single (well multiple but one by one) photo from a few albums and got the “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this photo?” message. You’ll note one is more clear than the other what is actually happening, but they both have the same effect. And trying to respond back to them? Yeah, they closed the thread declaring the question answered. Heh. I have a few more questions they can stand to answer starting with, “If I shove my foot this far up your ass, will you FUCKING LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ALBUM AND A SINGLE PHOTO IN SAID ALBUM?”

I don’t think even Geodon would do me much good here.

In other news, if you vote for #4 here daily I’ll be able to run away from blogger forever and never look back. That would be oh so very nice. Because let’s be honest, the other for may want it but not like this. This is need. I can’t afford this on my own and I can’t stay here.

As it is I wish I’d been paying blogger all these years so I could, you know, stop. I guess you get what you (don’t) pay for. Assholes.

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