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BPD and Drinking is a complicated mixI want to thank everyone who voted for me! However, despite our efforts, Tam won. Which really, is totally fine. Yeah, I wanted that design but she really had the better drink hands down. And the better drink should be the winner. I did come in at a definite second though, so head high!

And next year? Totally in the bag! I came across a drink combo today that was to-die-for. I think if I added a splash (bottle) of Bailey’s it would be even better!

So gratz to Tam! (I’ve already said so in her comments.) And while you guys go take a second look at her drink, read the rest of her blog, because really, she has a good one! It may not have anything to do with BPD, that being what most of you are here for, but she’s dealt with loss and I think a level of sadness that we can all respond/relate to.

2 thoughts on “Contest Results

  1. I have been trying to get to your blog for days, and consistently the family gets sick and the universe conspires against me. THANK YOU for being so gracious, for promoting my blog, and for writing about your condition as frankly and beautifully as you have. Next year – you get ALL my votes xx

  2. Thank YOU for visiting! I have no problems being gracious when the winner was actually the better drink. It didn't end up being a popularity contest with the winner being a big name who posted the recipe for water (on the rocks even). Let's face it, there is always that chance in the blogging world. Though, I assume the judges choosing the 5 finalists wouldn't allow it. You never know.

    As for promoting your blog, I stand by what I said in the promotion.

    And when it comes for writing frankly, I don't know how else to write. I'm not exactly known for my tact. Which is, ironically, the fault of the condition I write about. ;) PS, don't ever ask me a question unless you are sure you want and can handle an honest answer.

    <3 you and Welcome! Hope all is well with the family. That was us last week. Nothing major, but there none-the-less.

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