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Broken Hearted aka #LondonRiots

I have many things to blog about. Various level of importance. But I find myself time and time again distracted by what’s going on across the ocean.

It’s no secret I have a “thing” for England. As I put it on my twitter stream, London was my fairy tale. And now London is tearing London apart. Conflicting evidence of what actually went down during the triggering event(s) started it. And even if all the evidence is true, that only accounts for maybe a 10th of the people causing the riots. The rest are just taking advantage. But then, that’s my opinion. I’m not over there. I don’t know. Though I do know you don’t avenge a “murder” or a “beating” by stealing a flat screen tv. So my opinion has at least some base, right?

I find articles about it all online here and there. But most of what I’ve read/seen is coming from twitter due to little coverage. Thank god for twitter. I sit here in horror each night as I watch my twitter stream come alive with reports of what’s going on. No one on this side of the ocean seems to be taking notice, but I have a few handfuls of followers from the UK and I followed a bunch of them back, so I’m getting news. From their RT’s I saw who else I could follow. Which trending topics to follow. Etc. It wasn’t hard to build a base on twitter to get the news. So each night I sit in horror at what I’m being shown on twitter. 140 characters at a time I catch glimpses of destruction, terror, horror and rage. Buildings burned to the ground that can in no way actually accomplish anything. Not that I really know what it is they are trying to accomplish. Unless total destruction is their ultimate goal.

Each night I sit in horror as the sun goes down across the ocean, praying tonight isn’t the night I read/see/witness the news that all of London has once and for all has been burned to the ground. Because I fear, that is the only thing that will stop them.

I may be firmly planted across the ocean, but London, I hurt for you.


  1. Ping from Dave:

    Since it's going on its 3rd night now, the original cause of it is pretty much irrelevant now.

    But you saw the same mindset in the Vancouver riot after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. People who are going along with the crowd, letting their inner id come out, smashing windows and stealing stuff, just because they can.

    Any "point" is lost when this stuff happens, because too many people don't care what the original problem was. They just want some stuff, and hey, that window's broken anyway, isn't it?

    Anarchists take advantage of this stuff, lighting a fuse and letting destruction reign.

    It's really sad.

    Some idiot cop tried to blame Grand Theft Auto video games for it. *rolls eyes*

  2. Ping from Walkingborder (Karen):

    Pretty much exactly.

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