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Pregnancy and Borderline Personality DisorderI had to take a short break from nesting last week. I ran out of things I could actually do. But as soon as mom dropped off some boxes and picked up Luke for the weekend. I kicked me and Pat into overdrive and shit got done!

I boxed up most of my books so that I could move two bookcases into storage, and Pat set the crib up in their place. I also moved my make-up table into storage as well. We moved a dresser down into it’s place. This was all fun since both pieces of furniture needed moved down 2 flights of stairs. The crib was able to come apart and be put back together. The dresser, not so much.

Once the furniture was set up, nesting kicked in. I now have clothes in drawers, sheets on the bed. Blankets stacked here, laid out there. Things are pretty much ready to go.

I still have a small to-do list to tackle. I have 8 bins full of old clothes the boys outgrew to sell and donate. I was waiting for August to hit so I can sell closer to the changing season. Whatever doesn’t sell I’ll just donate. At this point I need rid of it. But I do want to try to make some profit from what I can.

I have a bag of bottles and binkies that need washed. Those are waiting to be done once the baby is actually born though. I’ll have dad take care of it while I’m actively in the hospital.

There is more to share. It’s stuff from my facebook. I’m torn between just copy and pasting or rewriting it. Since I can’t decide I’m just going to leave it alone. None of it is overly urgent anyways so, meh.

I’m kinda very meh these days. Not overly depression based so much as overly pregnant and exhausted. “I’m going to keel over if I don’t stop right here and nap even though I just woke up 5 minutes ago,” exhausted. Which is a sign of depression, I guess. But it is also a sign of being 35 weeks pregnant. We’ll reevaluate my mental health after I’ve had this baby. Unless something crops up and evaluation become necessary. Because for now, I’m too pregnant to be much of anything else.

Alright, I’ve decided on the facebook crap. Copy/paste it is. And you will like it!

There is a remote possibility that I may have experienced my first couple of braxton hicks today. Nothing overly exciting, other than it being the first sign that the child might actually be born this century. So, that’s a plus. ‎”Remote possibility” because they don’t feel like what I remember, but I know they can feel like a dozen different things, nothing from this pregnancy has been the same as the first two, and I’m not entirely sure what else they could have been. Just random twinges of something that wasn’t bad, just kinda there. Though with as many as I had with Luke, for weeks on end, you’d think I’d know when when I felt one. lol

There is by far nothing regular or overly exciting. Just the occasional something. I’m not even positive what the something is, other than it isn’t bad or troubling. Just something.

With both boys, I bought a baby book to fill out. TK’s made it about 6 months and then it just didn’t happen. Luke’s made it not even that long. So I’m wondering, do I even bother to buy one for Sammy? Then I decided: internet. Surely there is an online site where you can fill this stuff out. I have found a few and think I even found on I like. I’ll let you all know if it’s worth using! PS, it’s free until it’s time to actually get it printed, if you get that far. And then the pricing is based on how many pages. It seems nice. Plus, I can go back and build one for each boy, if I can remember enough milestones for them. If not, I’ll document Sammy’s but maybe not print. I don’t know. Details I can figure out later.

And what I’ve found is free to set up and fill out then if I decide I like it and keep up with it, it will be printed and bound, not unlike a photo book. It’s 40-80$ to have it printed, but it has a lot of pages and is personal, and that’s actually reasonable enough that I can live with it. The hard cover is completely personalized, it holds every possible milestone you could want from pregnancy to second birthday. (And if you don’t want it won’t leave a blank space, it’s like it never would have been there) and it allows photos all throughout. I think it’s what I stand the best chance of bothering with, really. Not unlike a blog, but it gives you a topic instead of having writers block. It also will send you emails reminding you, hey I’m here, which is a plus for me.

Alright, I think that’s it for now.

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