Well Then, That Was Fun

Pregnancy and Borderline Personality DisorderWith today and tomorrow being the busiest two days of really, the past couple of months. And everything being highly important, nothing being able to be pushed back or canceled. Clearly today was a good day for my body to go, “You know what, let’s throw in a sign of early labor just to inspire chaos and add a trip to the hospital into the schedule.” Because clearly, that’s EXACTLY what we needed today. Though, at least it wasn’t tomorrow. (Fuck you universe, don’t go getting any ideas! Because unless there is literally a body falling out of me, you aren’t messing with tomorrow’s to-do list.)

So at about 10AM, just as we were getting to the rental office to sign our lease for the coming year, post kick to the bladder, I had to pee. Oh look. Blood. And not the thin pinkish/red spots like before. No, this was thick mucus that was dark reddish brown. I knew something was up, thought maybe sign of pending labor, but I haven’t had so much as a braxton hicks, so I was mostly unsure/calm. I also know, at this point, while blood can be a bad sign, it wasn’t like it was part of a miscarriage. So that added to the calm. We signed the lease, I came home and sent Pat on to his next stop: welfare. (Because while I knew there was most likely a trip to the hospital in my immediate future, if Pat didn’t make this trip to welfare, I wouldn’t have the insurance needed to delivery this baby. If push came to shove, there was always 911 if he wasn’t home in time and things became urgent. Otherwise, welfare came first.)

While Pat took care of his business, I called my OBGYN, packed a bag, gave a few people a heads up, and then sat down at my computer. Which by-the-way… never look up causes of bleeding in late pregnancy. While yes, one cause is indeed “bloody show” which means the baby is coming soon, other causes are a lot less pleasant and a little more OMG YOU’RE GONNA DIE! But then, that’s what the internet was invented for, right?

Pat was back within an hour and a half, and while dad watched the kids, he took me to the hospital.

By the time I got there, there weren’t any more obvious signs of bleeding. So that was a good sign. They hooked me up tot he monitor and confirmed that there weren’t any contractions. They did and exam and confirmed that while there wasn’t active bleeding, there was a definite brown discharge. And then they confirmed that I’m not dilating at all.

So all the means is, oh look there is something there but there is no labor and there is nothing wrong, so once again your body is just messing with you. April fools, in July.

So I’m home now. And “patiently” waiting out the next few weeks until this happens for real.

And honestly, while I want this to be DONE, I am grateful that it’s not happening at 34 weeks. Because while I’m far enough along that they won’t stop it, and the baby would most likely be fine, a little longer cooking would be awesome. Except for the part that OH DEAR GOD I’M GOING TO BE PREGNANT FOREVER. There is that, after all.

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