Nesting and Social Media

pregnancy and BPDI have officially started nesting. Nothing totally insane like vacuuming the ceiling. But I’m cleaning things. And since I never clean, I assume I’m nesting. That or just really bored.

I really gave myself a work-out last Sunday. We have to move the crib and dresser down into the basement with me. Which means we have to move 2 bookcases and possibly something else into the other part of the basement where we store crap. (Lots of crap. Some of those boxes have been packed up for 10 years now.) So I did a lot of rearranging. I didn’t lift anything heavy or stupid like that, but it was still a lot of work. And while I was fine while doing it, once I stopped my body informed me that was stupid. Ok then, noted.

The bookcases themselves haven’t yet been moved. I still have to box up the books on them, and I’m waiting on boxes to arrive from the box faerie. But that will be done in a couple of days and we’ll be good to go. The spot for them is clear. Or will be once the trash pile is moved to the dumpster. Anyone want a couple broken tv’s and a mostly broken monitor? Yeah? No? Ok.

Then the real nesting will begin. Getting the crib set up, clothes into drawers, etc.

Meanwhile, for awhile there the bathroom was so clean you could eat in there. It’s since been used by all 3 of my boys so I would no longer eat there, but it’s still not bad.

In a humorous turn, I think I’ve been nesting online. I’ve spent the past week cleaning up all my social media accounts and such. I deleted my myspace, livejournal, dead journal, deviant art, flickr, and other random accounts. I will rebuild flickr but I was annoyed with it, and didn’t have much on it so I figured it wasn’t a waste to just start fresh.

I cleaned out old bookmarks on delicious. Basically, if the link was broken or no longer held interest, it was removed.

I’ve been unfollowing twitter people like crazy. I swear I’ve dropped a good hundred. For a long time I felt obligated to follow back everyone who followed me unless they were blatant spam, and then I’d have to weed through shit on my stream to get to what I was interested in. Mind you, I hate lists and hootsuit and such. I go to and read my stream there. I’ve tried other things, that’s how I like it. I’ve been using different tools to help give ideas of who I do and do not want to follow. As shallow as it may sound, I’ve been examining people with a low klout score. (Klout is an online tool that measures your influence online. Not as much popularity, but how influential you are among those who do follow you. Chances are, if someone is active and interesting, even if not followed by millions, they will have a high klout score.) A low score is by no means an automatic unfollow, but it does give my a clue to click a button and read what they tweet. Half the time, sure enough, it’s pure junk and I unfollow. Sometimes they just aren’t very active but when they are, it’s pure gold. Then there are people, like my husband, who have a klout score of 1 (because he almost never tweets), but I’m going to follow him regardless. I have a few irl friends/family who fall into that category. Either way, I find myself doing a lot less eye rolling at my twitter stream these days.

I also cleaned out blogs today. I removed from my list those that I don’t read or who haven’t updated in a year, etc. I’ve been noticing lately that there are a few blogs I was “following” who update daily and I never read them because I don’t care. Gone.

I also have 2 of my own personal blogs I’m going to be deleting soon. I just have to figure out how. Though I’m sure it’s easy, I just haven’t actually put effort into it.

I’ve also been messing around on this blog some. While I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been making changes here and there in the sidebars, mostly. Nothing major. You may not even notice. But I’m happy with the results.

I’m sure there are other things I’ve done and lord knows I have a bajillion more topics I need to write about, but I’m going to end this now. It’s almost 2AM so I need to get to bed. If I can sleep, that is.

Edit: As soon as a pushed “published” I took a look at settings and figured out real fast how to delete the two blogs I wanted to delete. So gone.

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