Could Have Been Worse

Pregnancy and Borderline Personality DisorderI was going through my google analytics (stats for this site basically) and saw that one of the recent search terms that brought someone to my site was “my kid is a pain ” and I was like “OH NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE? Which kid did I immortalize on the net as being a pain?” (The fact that I didn’t know which and didn’t jump to the “I would never call them that,” immediate thoughts doesn’t look good, I realize.)

So I did a Google search with that phrase myself. The third result listed is the post about Sammy being a literal pain in my ass. So, it was the unborn child with the rep, great. But then I read it and it’s talking about sciatica which is indeed a pain in my ass caused by pregnancy and therefore the child, so yeah… It fits.

And I think I can live with that. Because well, anyone who actually read it will know I don’t really think she is a pain in the ass and don’t blame her for the sciatica. Yeah, it’s caused by her but it isn’t like she is sitting on the nerve going “Ok, how can I hurt mommy today?”

So I’m going with at least it wasn’t Luke, because then I really would be calling me kid a pain and having it show up in Google searches.

Oh, and I don’t really think she is aiming for my kidney, either. Though I do think the bladder is a purposeful target. She kicks that, I pee, she gets more room. So I don’t blame her for it.

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