borderline personality disorder blog bpdYou may or may not notice, but I removed all ads from my site. Two reasons:

In 2 years, I earned just under 12$. (Between two separate blogs, at that.) I know I don’t have high traffic, but I have enough traffic that 12$ is sort of silly. Not saying I should have been at 120$, but 12$? What is the point of having ads and potentially annoying people when I’m not actually making any money.

I couldn’t even log into adbrite (who I used for ads) while in firefox, I had to use chrome, for reasons that were on their end, not mine. (I think.) Which would have been fine because I have easy access to both and if I was making money, who cares. But I wasn’t making money and had a hassle just to check I was continuing not to make money? No thanks.

I wouldn’t really care. I wasn’t planning on earning a living with those ads. Though I am kinda sad because I was giving half of anything earned to a BPD or other mental health related charity. So there is that.

At this point I’m going to give the whole 12$ to charity, if I ever actually get that check. (Not holding my breath.) I’m thinking a suicide prevention hotline.

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