This Kid Is A Literal Pain In My Ass

angry-woman-on-board(Hip, back, thigh, calf, ankle and foot)

Wanted to be asleep an hour ago. Even tried for awhile. But I’m at the point where it’s impossible to get comfortable even lying down. My most comfy side was my right side but well, that’s not an option thanks to my hip. Meanwhile, the baby has taken up residence on the left so if I’m on that side she protests. Back and stomach are, of course, way beyond an option. So that leaves me with sitting?

So if I’m sitting, I might as well write the blog post I was planning to write.

So, y’all read this: Sciatic Nerve Drama?

Well, since then I’ve been to my chiro three more times, my general practice doctor twice, and my OBGYN once. (And a partridge in a pear tree.)

While everyone agrees work isn’t currently an option for me, this apparently doesn’t make me eligible for short term disability. So ok.

My general practice doctor told me last Tuesday that for the time being, he wanted me out of work through the 20th of this month and that the Tylenol, stretching, ice, ect was the best (safest) course of action. (The OBGYN nodded in agreement the next day.)

I am amused that while the OBGYN fully supported the chiro, the reg doc said it wouldn’t hurt anything, but was less than supportive. Never mind that the chiro affects the central nervous system and the sciatic nerve is part of that system. It’s a bit more than JUST bone cracking. But whatever, there is room for all 3 medical degrees in my treatment plan, so long as the gas to and from is willing.

Anyway, the reg doc said after 2 weeks if things weren’t looking better, we’d talk the next (and final) step, which is steroids. Now, the thing with steroids and pregnancy is that while it isn’t outright dangerous for the baby in the sense of death or deformity, it still isn’t ideal. It can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels for me and Sammy. Which could lead to a bigger baby and therefor an increased risk of c-section among other things. So while it isn’t to be avoided at all costs, it isn’t something you do right away unless you have to.

When the morning of the 20th arrived, and I knew I was expected back at work on the 21st, but knew I still couldn’t be on my feet for 8 hours without help, I scheduled an appointment to be back at the doc within a few hours.

It was a bit before the 2 weeks before steroids time period, but I knew if I was going to survive the next day, I was going to need help.

Also note, pain meds aren’t an option in any of this. The Tylenol is what I can take, but it does nothing. Not even a little. The doc said outright that would most likely be the case. I can’t take Aspirin or Ibuprofen because that could kill the baby. I could technically take narcotics without killing the baby, but there is the risk of the baby becoming addicted. So that leaves me with Tylenol. (My requests for an epidural, while duly noted, have been mostly ignored.)

He asked a few questions (Was the current size of the baby running normal? Had I had my glucose screening yet? Results?) and was satisfied with the answers enough to write the script. BUT he did instruct me that before I was to pop a single pill he wanted me on the phone with my OBGYN to run it by her in case there was a specific baby related reason not to take it that we were missing. Safety first.

Then came the bad news. 2-3 days before it would actually work. This was Monday. I was scheduled Tuesday but off Wed and Thurs before working all weekend. He strongly urged I take Tuesday off so that I’d have a fighting chance for the weekend.

Which means I’ll effectively be off 12 days in a row. Which would be AWESOME except for the whole pain and misery and being broke because NONE of this is paid time off.

But yeah, I called work, filled them in. They understand and agree we will try for Friday but if Friday still isn’t an option, just call and they’ll understand.

So the game plan is Friday. Maybe Saturday (at the latest) but hopefully Friday.

Alright, time to go back to bed and perfect sleeping while sitting up.

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