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It Didn’t Help That Thursdays Are In Effect, My Mondays

So, what with me working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week, Thursdays are my Mondays. Just kinda how it is. And of course, I have come to hate Thursdays.

Today, hated me back.

We all have those days when every little thing that could go wrong, does. No one died. I didn’t lose a limb. But all the little things sure add up.

  • My darling 3yo dropped a tv tray on my big toe. Right at the tip of the nail causing it to bend down. That shit hurts! 2 hours later it was still throbbing!
  • I get to the gas station expecting 50 cents off per gallon. Only got 30 cents. Which is nice, but…
  • At 50 cents off a gallon, I would have been able to fill the tank with the allotted budget. 30 cents off came close but not quite.
  • Went to call my husband to tell him about the gas situation to discover my phone wasn’t in my purse. Because at night it’s by my bed so it’s alarm can wake me. And if I don’t bring it upstairs that exact moment I get out of bed in the morning, it no longer exists in my mind.
  • I was all the way to work before I realized I’d also left my apron at home on my desk.
  • Which of course meant I also left my name tag, chapstick, cheat sheets, pens and pocket full of hard candy at home, on my desk, tucked inside the pockets of said apron.
  • Do you know how hard it is to time a 15-minute break when you don’t have a phone and therefore no clock? Even a minute over leads to a write up because the 15-minute breaks are paid.
  • So instead of sitting on the nice bench resting for my breaks, I instead had to stand at customer service so I could keep an eye on the time. Keeping in mind I have NO sense of time so I can’t just sit for what seems like 10 minutes and watch the clock for the last 5.
  • I normally have a backup clock for the times (once a month or so) I forget my cell phone. I keep it in my apron. Oh yeah…
  • It doesn’t really matter. The battery died in the back-up clock a month ago and I threw it out because the replacement battery cost more than the cheap watch I bought on clearance for like 3$.
  • Normally we have a selection of clearance watches so I had options. I didn’t really want to spend lunch money on a watch, but it would have been used more than once, I’m sure.
  • None of them had working batteries. True story.
  • I should just grab a watch from home to keep in my purse. None of their batteries work either though, so I’m seeing a pattern.
  • I’m sure there is more but I’m tired so F it, this is enough.


  1. Ping from firstsoprano:

    I know this is no consolation honey, but my whole week up until today has been like that. Today was actually a little better although it's after 10 pm and I just got home. Still have on scrubs, I'm hungry but it's time to go to bed. BTW….I liked those new baby pictures. :-)

    I hope tomorrow goes better for both of us. Love ya

  2. Ping from Melissa:

    What a brave woman you are!

    Your blog reminds me of mine because I write about all sorts of personal things.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ping from Walkingborder (Karen):

    Thank you very much Melissa!

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