Clothing Defeat

Luke usually wears the same pair of jammies a couple of days in a row. To be more accurate, half the time we don’t dress him for the day and he wears the same pair of jammies for a couple of days and nights in a row. As long as they aren’t dirty, that is. He’s 3, it’s hit or miss. Long run, it cuts down on laundry. I do enough laundry as is.

If we are leaving the house with him, however, we dress him. He’s too old to wear his jammies to the store. This happens usually once a week, not counting weekends with Grandma. (This will change when things warm up and he plays outside more.)

Anyway, This week broke the norm and he went out with us two days in a row. Hell, Pat actually left the house two days in a row. That right there breaks the norm. So he’s had a total of three different pairs of jammies three different nights in a row. This, simply, isn’t normal.

I’m behind on laundry. Even though I just had the past 4 days off. (Today was my first day back. I wasn’t sick. Simply spending time with my husband. I requested the days off.) Anyway, I knew I wasn’t going to do it Friday. I meant to do it Saturday but simply forgot and figured no biggie, I would do it Sunday. Sunday morning I realized Sunday is my dad’s day to do laundry. There is no changing this fact. I couldn’t do it Monday because Rob, our friend, was coming over to do laundry. So laundry was happening tonight and all day tomorrow.


Only, we were going through jammies for the kid faster than usual.

So tonight when I went downstairs to get him jammies I figured they would probably be miss matched, but whatever, as long as he was covered.

Jammie shirt. White t-shirt (he sleeps in them on warm nights, tonight is too chilly for just a t). Jammie shirt. White t-shirt. White t-shirt. Jammie shirt. White t-shirt. White t-shirt.

Three jammie shirts and 5 t-shirts, but absolutely no pants. Go figure.

Well, at least his top half is warm tonight.

Now, there is Thomas.

Thomas wears a uniform to school. White or navy polo shirt, and navy pants. Simple. Clean. Nice.

Last year we bought 5 shirts and 5 pants. Just enough for the 5 day school week. Then he proceeded to lose various items of his uniform through the school year. I’m still not sure where half that stuff ended up. Narnia is my guess. It’s not like he lost it at school, so it has to be in this house somewhere.

This year we were smart, we bought extras. Which honestly should have been common sense from the start but when you’re broke, you’re broke.

This year, he hasn’t lost anything, but EVERYTHING is getting holes in it. The knees of pants, while unfortunate, are understandable. I’m confused as to what the hell is happening to his shirts! I mean tiny little holes happen. Flaws in fabric, whatever. They happen. But these aren’t those tiny little holes. They are coin-sized and they are driving me crazy! They aren’t even in the seams. They are right in the middle of his torso. What is this kid doing to his clothes?

The shirts with holes I throw away. I don’t like it but I’m not letting my kid leave the house with holes in his shirt. It just looks like trash. The pants with rips in the knees I’m setting off to the side and if he doesn’t have any other pants clean, he can wear them, but I prefer that not happen.

The kid is driving me crazy!

Luckily so far he still has more shirts than there are days in the school week. And the pants are well… whatever.

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