Tidbits from Facebook: Pregnant and Miserable, Yet Funny

BPD AND Pregnancy Borderline Personality DisorderIf you are pregnant and have a weak bladder, and are sick and have cruddy sinuses, when you first wake up and REALLY have to pee, hold off on blowing your nose. The force of blowing your nose will cause you to pee yourself. #LFMF

I did that twice this week. Because I didn’t learn the first time?

So I’ve been a touch bitchy lately between pregnancy hormones and being off my meds. So I bought Pat some flowers as a apology. They are crazy daisies. Pat appreciated the humor in the name.

Also, the touch of spring on the kitchen table is nice.

Sometime between yesterday and today, my twitter stopped updating my facebook. No settings were changed. It just stopped. Anyone?

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