I Have A Dream

Screw cashiering.

Screw banking.

Screw photography (I bet it would be good in bed.)

I know what I want to do with my life.

You know those annoying little machines outside most grocery stores where you put in a quarter or two and out pops a piece of junk that totally makes your kid’s (or mine) day?

I want to own a store here in Columbus that is nothing but those machines. I’d call it Dygs‘ Bubbles.

Now I just need business partner with the know how and starter money.

Not looking to make a fortune (one quarter at a time) but I might be able to pay the bills.

I hear NYC has a store like this, why not here?

I’d also consider those claw machines but maybe not, I like the idea of a guaranteed win.

There would also be gumball machines and other candy machines. Sticker and tattoo machines for sure.

Basically you name the quarter machine, I’ll have it.

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