BPD and Not So Impulsive Shopping and Spending

BPD Borderline Personality Disorder Impulsive Compulsive Spending ShoppingThe bunk beds are here! We were told they would be here between noon and 2, and the trucked pulled up at like noon on the dot!

It isn’t taking them long to set them up at all. Apparently they are pretty easy and the guys have obviously done this a million and a half times.

The room up there is total chaos. We need to get the crib out, but there is currently no place to put it. It is going in the basement but that spot is currently storing kitchen chairs that Stacy needs to pick up since they are hers and we aren’t using them anymore.

Mom will be here in about 10 minutes to take us shopping for matress pads and she is buying Luke a set of sheets and a comforter for his birthday (good thing we couldn’t come up with any good ideas on his actual birthday so when this came up she was good to go). Thomas has transformers, we’ll see what Luke picks out.

I honestly don’t know who is more excited. Me or the kids.

They are beautiful. And perfect. And the best piece of furniture we own. Which is good since we spent almost a grand on them (including mattresses and delivery). They cost more than we budgeted for beds, so we had to go without a couple other things that we wanted (not needed) but we took one look at them and knew they were the ones. They are worth every penny we paid.

On a slightly different note I picked up a couple of nice wooden toy boxes yesterday at toys’r’us. We have been using plastic storage totes but they are just tacky and only slightly functional. When I put together a list of stuff I wanted/needed for the baby and to organize the two kids we already have, toy boxes was high on that list. The best part is, we can use them to store blankets when the toy aspect is outgrown. I actually need a good spot to store blankets so I might even end up buying a third. They cost about 70$ each, but they are beautiful and worth it. And honestly, that’s a good price. Now we just need to get them built. Or in the house for that matter. The are still in the van since we didn’t want to be tripping over them when the bunk bed delivery came.

Alright, mom will be here any minute now so I’m going to wrangle the 3 year old and get shoes and a coat on him. Oh, and sneak a peek at the beds. *swoon*

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